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Contrary Research

The smartest people want to solve the hardest problems.

The solution to those problems is often forming a company – each of which represents its own unique story. The story of people and products attempting to tackle hard problems, bucking convention to build something enduring.

But some of those stories are easier to understand than others.

At Contrary Research, our mission is simple – thoughtful analysis of the best private technology companies in the world.

Especially in the private markets, the biggest obstacle in understanding most companies is the complete lack of information.

We do the hard work of bringing disparate insights together in a clear, concise, and thoughtful way to help you better understand the world’s fastest-growing technology companies.

Our research illuminates the stories of private technology companies.

We'll touch on all types of technology companies, because their stories so often weave together: public, private, early and late stage, hardware, software, and everything in between – but the focus will be on private companies.

So whether you're a founder, investor, operator, journalist, limited partner, or just a fan of technology, Contrary Research is your home for understanding any private technology company.


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Kyle Harrison

General Partner

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Jen Yang-Wong

VP of Product

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Sachin Maini


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Megan Kao


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Andrew Michelson

Product Operations

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