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As the world adapts to a post-pandemic normal, e-commerce has remained a mainstay in how people choose to shop-- as of June 2022, 22% of sales are made online, compared to just 15% in 2019. Digitization has fueled the need for consumers to search for and discover new products. Today, 72% of consumers expect companies to recognize interests and deliver personalized interactions. Even more paramount is how fast the interactions are delivered. In 2012, Amazon found that one second of page load latency could account for $1.6 billion in lost sales revenue yearly. The paradox of choice necessitates personalization and a high-performing, relevant search.

Algolia is tackling that problem, in e-commerce and other verticals, with a set of APIs that enable developers to embed search and discovery into their products. It wants to be the API engine for private searches.

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