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The world is transitioning to the cloud. According to Datadog and Gartner, cloud spend grew from $50 billion in 2010 to $500 billion in 2022, and is forecasted to reach $1 trillion in 2026. With that ongoing transition comes a need for businesses to integrate and synchronize their data across multiple applications. As they adopt a growing number of SaaS applications and data storage solutions, and the overall ecosystem becomes more complex, the challenge of maintaining accurate and accessible data across platforms becomes increasingly critical.

With a user-friendly, no-code interface and data connectors to a wide array of applications, Hightouch offers a simple way to sync data back and forth between a data warehouse and the software tools a business uses every day — without the need to rely on engineering or technical worker. In doing so, it aims to make it easier to operationalize a en company’s data resources, streamline their data management, and break down data silos.

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