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There are 1 billion knowledge workers that predominantly use computers as part of their jobs. However, only 25 million of them are programmers who can create software. However, in recent years, a new class of software development tools called no-code and low-code platforms have emerged, potentially democratizing software development. These platforms allow non-technical users to create applications with little or no programming experience.

Airtable offers a platform for creating and sharing relational databases. It is a visual platform that connects data, people, and workflows across the organization, so everyone's using the same source of truth. To democratize software development, Airtable decided to build its product based on what some would argue to be the most widely adopted programming tool worldwide, the spreadsheet. It helps create flexible checklists, organize collections or ideas, and manage customers. It also offers a variety of templates ranging from home improvement to store inventory, enabling users to build custom applications without any prior coding experience. With Airtable, users can store their information in a format they are used to and create custom databases and applications using a drag-and-drop interface to build tables, forms, and views.

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