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Cities were originally built for walking, then streetcars, and, since the 1920s, cities are now built for automobiles. Now, as much as one-half of a modern American city’s land area is dedicated to streets and roads, parking lots, service stations, driveways, traffic signs, automobile-oriented businesses, car dealerships, and more. In contrast, 60% of Americans desire to live in walkable, pedestrian-focused communities. Walkable communities are uncommon in the United States, with many municipalities proving unsafe for pedestrians.

Culdesac is a company trying to reimagine cities for people, not cars, by building new communities. Their first neighborhood is in Tempe, Arizona, and will be the first car-free neighborhood built from scratch in the United States. Its mission is to reduce congestion, loneliness, traffic fatalities, and global warming by combining internationally proven urbanism and mobility innovation.

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April 01 2018


Tempe, Arizona

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