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Data Infrastructure

Data is increasingly becoming a key competitive advantage for companies across industries. Over the last two decades, the drastic increase in corporate cloud data volumes and the emergence of tools for data transformation, model-building, and visualization have led to the rise of the modern data stack. Existing tools for data scientists and analysts, however, have often fallen short of user needs.

Hex is making a bid to serve this need. Hex is a collaborative data workspace that allows technical and non-technical users to analyze data, collaborate, and share work as interactive data apps. Data work once squarely lived within data teams, but with rising data literacy across organizations, Hex wants to make data workspaces more accessible through its intuitive user interface (UI), real-time collaboration, data stack integrations, no-code charts, graph-based compute engine, and more. Hex’s product has been built with a “low floor, high ceiling” approach, with the goal of empowering and connecting users across the spectrum of technical ability.

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