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As of 2019, more than 50% of doctor visits in the US were to primary care physicians. However, getting an appointment to see a doctor is as challenging as ever. In 2022, the average patient appointment wait time is up 8% since 2017 and 24% since 2004. It also took around 26 days for a new patient to get an appointment with a provider in 2022. Too few primary care physicians are attempting to care for a growing, aging population requiring more attentive care. The US is expected to face a shortage of between 21K-55K primary care physicians by 2033.

Zocdoc allows patients to find nearby healthcare providers who accept their insurance and book appointments instantly online. It aims to improve access to care by aggregating millions of in-person and virtual appointments across a nationwide provider network of over 200 specialties and over 12K insurance plans. With Zocdoc, patients can see doctors’ open appointment times and book them online, make informed choices with verified reviews, and stay on top of check-ups with reminders. Zocdoc makes doctors discoverable to patients, reduces the number of no-shows, and fills in last-minute openings in doctors’ calendars caused by cancellations and shifting schedules.

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