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Charm Industrial captures CO₂ for carbon offsets by converting biomass into carbon-rich bio-oil and injecting it into retired gas and oil wells for long-term carbon storage. The company takes leftover organic materials from harvesting corn, rice, almonds, and more in addition to timber slash and uses fast pyrolysis to instantly heat the material and produce oil and nutrient-dense ash for fertilizer. While some CDR methods use large fans or other high tech approaches, Charm Industrial just uses simple photosynthesis to remove GHGs. Charm Industrial believes its solution is superior to other CDR processes because all offsets are 100% additional, it claims 0% leakage, and storage is on the scale of a million years. In addition to long-term storage, Charm Industrial is also using its bio-oil to clean the production of steel. The mission is to return the atmospheric CO₂ concentration to 280 parts per million (ppm), down from 419 ppm as of August 2023.

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