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As artificial intelligence evolves, it will transform all aspects of the economy. Through natural language processing, machines can comprehend and respond to human language. Computer vision enables machines to perceive and interact with the environment. Enterprise adoption of AI is a growing trend, with 63% of businesses expecting to accelerate AI investment in a market where enterprises spent an $51 billion in 2022. The core of this transformation is using data to generate insights and make predictions. However, 87% of data science projects never make it into production fail to make it to production. One of the most common factors is the need for more relevant data.

Snorkel Flow is the data platform for enterprise AI, enabling customers to build and iterate from unlabeled data sets to machine learning models deployed in production. Instead of relying on manual, hand-labeled data, users programmatically label and manage the data by writing functions that express rules that make it easy for subject-matter experts to map their expertise to ML solutions. Snorkel Flow trains, deploys, analyzes, and monitors models and workflows on top of this training data. Users can easily improve and adapt these models by editing their programmatic training data.

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